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Those unfamiliar people and things are the scenes he aspires to see most in life — Photographer Kyo

SKM PHOTO Kyo Photographer

Kyo comes from Masai, Yilan. After studying for one year in the Department of Electronic Engineering of Yilan Agricultural and Industrial Vocational High School, he found it completely unsuitable and quickly transferred to the Department of Arts and Crafts of Fu Hsin Trade and Arts School, where he persistently pursued his ideals. With his love of painting since childhood, he started to learn sketching, pastels, and oil painting after entering Fu Hsin Trade and Arts School and chose the design group. At that time, photography was the course Kyo liked the least. However, he never expected that after many years, he would have traveled around numerous countries with his camera and won many international awards.

Photography is the courage that drives me into this world.

How white is the snow in the Arctic? How do penguins waddle? What does the sand of the Sahara smell like? Kyo decided to witness those images in his own lifetime that we normally only see on the Internet, TV or in magazines and find these answers that no one knows. In an interview with DIGIPHOTO, he once said, “Photography is the courage that drives me into this world.” On each journey, he recorded the moments of his encounters with the Goddess of Fortune with his camera. For example, when he squatted to take photos of the water birds in Fairbank, Alaska, a wild elk suddenly appeared behind him. The young female elk shone amidst the warm light of the autumn sunset. On a gloomy day in the Antarctic, he experienced a silent but direct communication with a little penguin that had strayed from the flock. He also had an elegant afternoon stroll together with the lions and cheetahs on the African savanna.

With a love for traveling, he regards photography as a necessity of life. He doesn’t deliberately go out with his camera, but wears his camera as a tool to record what he sees when out exploring. Though pressing the shutter is an instantaneous action, behind this small action sometimes requires long waits, aesthetic development, and long arduous journeys. However, Kyo never feels tired of it because he believes “every step forward is an accumulation.” Through the accumulation of many failures and mistakes, he bravely finds his own subject matter, using pictures to express opinions and aesthetics in a way that travels along a road closely related to life.

Some believe the aurora is the torch of an old soul leading the way for the new soul. Others believe the aurora is the torch held by a friendly giant to illuminate the path for fishermen. Still others believe those who make a wish under the aurora will have their dreams come true and enjoy lifelong happiness.
Excerpted from To the North: Kyo’s Diary of the Alaskan Arctic Region

According to Zen Buddhism, “one opportunity, one encounter” means there is only one chance a lifetime within fixed time and space. It is appropriately used to describe Kyo’s traveling experience and the pictures he has taken. Aspiring for unknown encounters, Kyo enters the world and presses the shutter. The most desirable scenery is expected to appear in the viewfinder of the next journey. Every photography experience is worth looking forward to, just like a brand new day.

▍Polar Photographer - Kyo

▍Polar Photographer - Kyo

Major Awards:
London International Awards|Advertising Awards, The New York Festivals|Gold Award of Illustration Category, The Mobius Advertising Awards and more than 300 awards for graphic design, advertising illustration, and photography.

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▍2022 SKM PHOTO Shin Kong Mitsukoshi International Photography Exhibition Event Preview

The first Taiwanese photographer to win the PX3 International Photography Award for Advertising in France, Kyo, will exhibit his works at the “2022 SKM PHOTO Shin Kong Mitsukoshi International Photography Exhibition”!
The exhibition featuring “Long Time No See, World” will present the fantastic scenery of Kyo’s world explorations and the splendid winning works from past international competitions. Please pay close attention to the information about the “2022 SKM PHOTO Shin Kong Mitsukoshi International Photography Exhibition” or visit the official website of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Cultural and Educational Foundation for more information. (

2022 SKM PHOTO Photography Contest

Tell an image story with a series of five photos about any creative subject of the participant’s choice. Take this great opportunity to demonstrate your photographic and image narrative skills. For more information, please visit the official website. The challenge is waiting for you!

▍Submission Time: 2021/09/01-10/31
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