We are open for submissions!

The creative topics are decided by participants.

Five photos communicate an image story without the limitations of creative topics, participant age, and nationality, and registration is free. A set of five photos in a series shall be submitted with the registration form that shall be downloaded and attached to the back of the works. Works submitted before the deadline will be admitted to the contest!

SKM PHOTO-Former Winners

This is a professional contest that highlights photographers’ styles.

Photography can be a beautiful moment; it can be a record of a particular time; it can be a conveyance of feelings or emotions; and moreover it can be an expression of artistic beauty. With photographic equipment now widely available, everybody can take photographs. To be able to clearly convey photographic visual art with personal style, however, one must be “a photographer”. The SKM International Photography Contest was thus established as a dedicated photographic visual arts platform for professional “photographers” and the starting point from which you can make your dreams come true⋯⋯