▍Event Description / イベント由来

The ability to witness Taiwan’s blooming photographic image art is the common goal of every photographic image art creator in the country. Since its inception in 2007, SKM PHOTO (Shin Kong Mitsukoshi International Photography Contest) has been dedicated to providing a stage for photography enthusiasts to fully display their talents and promote photographic art, attracting more than 100,000 visitors each year. The active participation by photography enthusiasts has won praise from all walks of life. Besides holding international competitions and cultivating new talented photographers every year, SKM PHOTO has also added an exhibition and exchange platform by inviting Taiwanese photographers with unique personal styles to join the touring exhibitions. The idea is to establish a perfect collection system for photographic works, thereby adding comprehensiveness and diversity in the development of Taiwan’s photographic image art. It is also expected that the gathering of related industries through the use of the diverse spaces of department stores will allow photographic art to be make a resounding impression. Other purposes are to enhance the market potential, open up Taiwan’s photographic art to become an indicator activity for the Chinese people, and jointly witness the flourishing development of Taiwan’s photographic image art.

台湾の写真撮影と映像芸術に勢いのあるこれまでにない発展をもたらすことは、台湾の写真撮影や映像芸術のそれぞれのクリエイターの共通した目標です。「SKM PHOTO 新光三越国際フォトグラフィー・エキシビジョン・イベント」は2007年の開催以来、撮影愛好家の方々が存分に力を発揮できる舞台と、撮影芸術の普及の場を提供しています。毎年延べ人数で10万人以上が参観し、撮影愛好家の方々が一緒に参加することで、各業界から高い評価を得ています。毎年開催される国際コンテストでの新人奨励エキシビジョンのほか、パフォーマンスの交流プラットフォームでの展覧会参加メカニズムを増設しました。個性的でユニークなスタイルを持つ台湾のカメラマンを巡回写真展へと招聘し、パーフェクトな撮影作品のコレクション制度を構築することで、台湾の写真撮影と映像芸術の発展に全面性と多様性を添えています。さらに百貨店の売り場という多元的な空間に集う関連産業を通して、撮影芸術がより多くの反響を得られるよう、またそのマーケットの潜在力を増進し、台湾の撮影芸術を中華圏の人々の指標的なイベントとして発展させ、ともに台湾の撮影と映像芸術の盛んな発展を創り出せるよう期待しています。

● Event Rules · イベント計画

1.SKM PHOTO Contest|SKM PHOTO 新光三越国際フォトコンテスト

■ Event time: Open recruitment of photographic works takes place around October to November each year
■ Eligibility: No age and nationality limitations, no registration fee needed, all enthusiastic photographers are invited to participate
■ Entry method: Participants can customize their themes, and submit a set of five photographic works and a descriptive video.
■ Selection method: 60% is graded on photographic quality, 20% on creativity, and 20% on composition. Every year, we invite professional teachers in photography, graphic design, video art, and other fields to judge and enhance the diversity of the competition.

■評価方式:撮影品質 60%、創意20%、構図20%:毎年撮影、平面デザイン、映像芸術などの領域の専門家に審査員を担当していただき、コンテストの多元性を向上させています。

2.SKM PHOTO Exhibitions|SKM PHOTO新光三越国際写真展

■ Event time: Touring exhibitions take place from February to April each year
■ Exhibition venue layout: The venue is divided into “SKM PHOTO Winning Works Exhibition,” “International Photographers Invitational Exhibition,” “New Talented Photographers Invitational Exhibition,” “Taiwan Video Art Collection Exhibition,” and other display areas. The touring exhibitions are held in Northern, Central, and Southern Taiwan each year. They are regarded as the largest annual photography event of the island, where photography-related lectures and other activities are held simultaneously to invite photographers to participate in the grand event.


● Activity effect and the number of visitors over the years|イベントの効果とこれまでの参観者数

The touring exhibitions of SKM PHOTO are principally based in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung, attracting more than 100,000 visitors every year. The event takes advantage of the diverse spaces of department stores to bring together relevant industries to make photographic art more resounding and enhance its market potential, and open up Taiwan’s photographic art to become an indicator activity for the Chinese people.

SKM PHOTO新光三越国際巡回写真展は主に台北、台中、台南、高雄地区にて開催されています。毎年10万人以上の人々が参観に訪れ、百貨店の売り場という多元性のある空間に集う関連産業によって、撮影芸術により多くの反響をもたらしています。またマーケットの潜在力を増進させ、台湾の撮影芸術を中華圏の人々の指標的なイベントとして発展させています。

● Invitation review|過去に招聘した写真家

Wade Davis|李屏賓 Lee Ping-Bing|陳雨秋 | Eli Reed | 全會華 Hooi-Wah Suan | Michael Yamashita| Sean Lotman |Ariko Inaoka | 宮本武 Takeshi Miyamoto| 野町 和嘉 Kazuyoshi Nomachi| Carsten Peter | George Steinmetz |橫浪修 Osamu Yokonami | 吳建衡 Ed Wu| 徐聖淵 Sheng-Yuan Hsu| 張晏廷 Timothy Chang|

● Assisting Parties|協力・連携先

The international leading brands have been very supportive towards the event, from the planning of photography exhibitions in Taiwan and overseas, to brand display Pop-up Stores, photo-taking courses and arts performances. We received voluminous investment for a more energetic image-photo market, which will help us establish a powerful culture for artistic value.

プロフェッショナルな国際的リーディングブランドが当イベントに対する全てのサポートに感謝しております。イベントの開催以来、国内外の写真.映像テーマ特別展をはじめ、ブランドの展示会と販売活動Pop-up Store、スタッフインストラクターコースとアートパフォーマンス活動などを企画し、全てのリソースを台湾の写真撮影と映像芸術の多様化市場の活性化に投入し、芸術的価値のある文化パワーを築き上げました。