2015 Shin Kong Mitsukoshi International Photo-taking Contest Entry Form

Submission Time:September 19 to November 30, 2014.

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✽Intellectual Property Rights Transfer Agreement                                                                                            I agree to transfer the intellectual property rights of my winning work and the original film or digital file of which to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi. The intellectual property rights should include but not be limited to the right of publishing, public display, public broadcast, public narration, public exhibition, public transmission, public performance, reproduction, editing, modification, leasing, distribution, issue, and managing electronic information. I agree that Shin Kong Mitsukoshi will not pay additional fee for acquiring intellectual property rights. By signing this agreement, I declare that I have read through the provisions above, and I accept all the contest rules.  To: Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Cultural and Educational Foundation


Signature of legal representative:                       

Note: Signature of legal representative is required for entrants under 20 years old. Above enrollment data only use for 2015 Shin Kong Mitsukoshi International Photo-taking Contest and International Photography Exhibition series of activities. This data will be destroyed after the end of the event. Please make sure the form is filled in properly. And the form should be pasted up securely on the back of each work.