Make your dream come true

Photography is an essential part of modern life. Capturing an image, however, is high art.

Photography can be a beautiful moment; it can be a record of a particular time; it can be a conveyance of feelings or emotions; and moreover it can be an expression of artistic beauty. With photographic equipment now widely available, everybody can take photographs. To be able to clearly convey photographic visual art with personal style, however, one must be “a photographer”. The SKM International Photography Contest was thus established as a dedicated photographic visual arts platform for professional “photographers” and the starting point from which you can make your dreams come true. The event is a contest for entries of five photographic images that tell a story, with themes established by the photographers themselves. This allows participants to adopt a perspective of deconstructing visual art anew and thinking about how they describe their work and process, breaking down the unique visual image into elements within the frame that convey a personal and complete creative concept and visual art style. By challenging oneself, contestants allow their participation to be the starting point for making their dreams come true.